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Al-makura: Ethno-religious bigot or victim of political ” dogs of war?”

By Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi

Politics, has by consensus of opinion the world over, been negatively described by peoples conjectures and   anological inferences, and  perceptions,  as a dirty game.of power play.

Though, no one has lay claim to being the  originator of this universally  acclaimed theory, it has been generally endorsed and  acknowledged, as   true reflection of reality, to some extent , that is, if you take to the symptoms of its genetic manifestations from the  inbuilt self-centered disposition by most Nigerian politicias, who believe that,  they have to destroy  their oponents ,no matter the impact and relevance of his success and achievents, unless they are the direct beneficiaries of all political favours!

As self-centered ingrates, they always remain unimpressed with the quantum of positive and palliative gestures,such as appointments,contracts ,social rehabilitatios, as well as all political palliative coefficients to the members of their communities,  fellow tribesman,or members of their religious groups, all of these mean nothing and does not count, in their self- centred mindsets.

It is against this  unacceptable propaganda by a few misguided ingrates,who use the social media, in a negative way,to   black mail  and malign the Nasarawa State Governor ,which compelled my attention to respond,by way of giving  my objective perspectives, as a brief chronicle and a historically valid  testimony presented bellow;

1—–Though I know and associated with  Almakura much earlier in life, I prefer to start this narrative  from his  post primary Teenage Days, at the Government Teachers College Keffi, from where I was made to serve as his School Guardian.

The Student population at TC Keffi comprised of all the tribes from the old Benue province,with the TIV’s and Idoma’s as the most dominant, in terms of numerical presence.
.The others who balance the equation, comprised the Hausa’s, Alagos, Gwandaras, Kanuris, Igbira/ Kwatos, Kwaros, Yeskwas, Gbagis,Fulani’s,et all.

At  that time of history, the  Eggons, Nungus,now Rindires,as well as the Madras, were merged with Plateau State.

To the best of my knowledge,memory and  authentic records of evidence, Almakura was the smallest youngster amongst the giants adults, seconded by an  equally young   but bigger in size tiv student, called Augustine  Oterveter .
I know that Nigerians don’t remember history, especially in a moment of furious angst,like now,when most people prefer to ignore established bonds and profound mutual relationship that existed before the satanic invasion by violent instigation of disunity.

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The truth, as much as I can recall, is that, Almakura was a famous  Socialite and  an integrationist mixer,who keeps large an broad entourage of friends, from all tribes and religious groups,at the college,but his star companion,day or night,was the equally active young Tiv young friend and confidante!

It is equally relevant to mention, his House Prefect, Solomon Meyange I human,whom he honours and remains deferentially subservient , even  till today,despite being his Commissioner,the Governor disregards his superior executive status,when paying homage and courtesies.
I am equally aware,that, when we paid a condolence visit to the Leader of the Tiv Community of Nasarawa State, at his residence near Adudu,in Awe LGA, he eulogised Almakura and acknowledged his unprecedented, and unsurpassed superlative support for the Tiv people, which vindicates Almakura’s all encompassing humanitarian gesture, to all and  sundry,which negates the politically motivated incitement from the ethno tribal hatemongers,from across the border as well as within the state,who have nothing to offer,in defence of their abysmal failures to fulfil , nor honor, the mandate they pledged  to their constuents and consciences, except to excavate and old carcass of over flogged emotional beast, called herders/farmers violence clashes,with furiously regurgitating  cycles of reprisals which they use as a ploy to cover up their corrupt shortcomings, with the blood of innocent human lives,caught as victims, in this game of power,where religious and tribal emotions are artificially made as tributes to our uncivilized horrors!
I can claim to be a friend of the TIVs, because I am even a title holder,decorated in full Tiv regalia in 2016.

I have many Tiv friends and acquaintances, like my good College mentor formerly baptised as Raymond Anyamikeigh now Alhaji Ahmad Ibn Anyamikeigh,whom I met ,  as one of the.young  and smallish Student who ran  erranfs for the Seniors but Anyamikeigh treated me like his junior brother then and up till today!

I also know and officially met the Presisident of the Tiv Traditional Councilin Nasarawa State , Mbabough Michael. I am also politically associated to Elder James,Chief Kuna, Ibrahim Bido, Sebastian the dynamic and hardworking President  , Tiv Students’ Association, Nasarawa State University, Keffi and the  very intelligent,youthful , pragmatically vibrant and well endowed and active  political goal getter , Solomon Orney.

Not to talk of Prof. Ambassador Iyorwose Hagher, who treats me as a member of  his clan,ditto for former Senate President Iyorchia Ayu, my good and target achieving NTA professional colleague- Fred Chagu, Yima Sen, Emmanuel Yawe.


I cannot have a better point of reference,than to identify with  my good friend , colleague and family friend, Atsen Ahua

As for Solomon Atir,  Buhari’s  APC passionately hardworking  NationalYouth League Coordinator, Senator George Akume,  whose commitment to the North surpasses some of those fake and prebendally  commercialised Northerners who sale their birthright for peanuts,Paul Onongo,who remains a hero in my village since our old progressive merger and our big role model Abubakar Tsav, and last but not the least, our own brilliantly laguatious Prof. Mvendega Jibo, our own Aristotle and Socrates combined,who mesmerrised the U.I campus in the early 70’s,  pitching the  Quota System.using his intellectual bravadoes to dazzle and facinate Students, to herald the arrival of the active Northern intellectual Brain Bombers,on the Scene.

Finally,let me conclude, by informing all  the peace loving Nigerians,that the Almakura family is an enlarged nuclear family,where every tribal and religious groups have a place to co-exist,from IBO’s,to  Yoruba’s,Eggons, Taroks and have even produced serving military officer with the rank of a colonel/ Brigadier.

….This is my testimony, which I want even thoroughbred Journalists to investigate.

There is nothing dirty about Politics: it is only  dirty because of the  evil designs of the particular player,or players involved!
Let’s remove hateful  and spurious propaganda from our politics,

The Tiv people I have associated with,are hardcore   Pan Nigerianists,without the tinge of bigotry by invaders who had earlier used Jos, the Plateau State Capital,as their Sattelite Launch Station for hatemongering,now have migrated, after destroying it and  are now trying to relocate and colonise Benue State  as their new base with their violent instigations recipe,called farmers versus herders killer games!

I hope, those who did not know,now know,because, ignorance is the greatest disease that destroys society and the Nigerian political elites are  its  biggest carriers.

For a change, let them give peace  a chance and should not jeorpardise our historic human bond !

May  God continue to  bless Nigeria, and strengthen our sense of collective  and mutual bond!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad abdullahi,abdulkarimullahdoka@ gmail,com

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