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Is Bukola Saraki Nigeria’s version of Russia’s Boris Yeltsin?

By Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi

In more ways than one, history is a valid and unavoidable witness in the relationships between a man and his society. That is why, I find  the relevance of history, from some  important historical perspectives, either as archival reference  sources, in newspapers, magazines or other forms of extant materials, which directly or indirectly have impacted and influenced my appraisal of the current negative displays and strange exhibitions of gross and undemocratic mentality by the National Assembly, under the  leadership of  Bukola,Saraki, a very controversial man, whose big ego and killer instincts bear similar sinister volatility, like his Russian political master, the burly Russian Boris Yeltsin.

Yeltsin orchestrated propaganda and destabilizing scripts against the Russian government back in the 90s, which now seemed to be the favourite musical stanza in vogue at Nigerian upper legislative chamber controlled by Bukola Saraki, the man revered and referred to, as the “Bullion Van Emperor”  in his Kwara State  political domain, where he has already become a dreaded political tin god and slave master, having already succeeded in securing a cult like status, by corrupt manipulations and inducements of his poverty stricken and economically deprived constituents.

The Nigerian political elites have created buffer zones of ethno religious colonies which have altered the social matrix of humanitarian amity that existed between our peoples in the past.  For instance, when I was growing up, as a youngster  in the late 50’s and early 60’s in my tiny village of Doka, a small settlement of dotted cluster of hamlet sized cluster of thatch roofed  huts, of not more than 1,000 population, which strategic location, as a Junction Station in the ever busy old Trans Saharan trade routes, between the Northern trading posts of Kano, and other  networks of interior booming trading centres of economic prosperity, the journey to the Southern parts of Nigeria, through my village had exposed our world view to some historical reality about the importance of responsible and selfless leaderships, which reinforced the already inbuilt moral contents acquired through the entrenched Islamic rules of law and jurisprudence.

The narrow bush trails, that crisscrossed several ecological belts and diverse cultural and ancient tropical landscapes of what was a colonial mix called Nigeria, with its harboured vast agriculturally arable and pastoral belts, as well as the discovery of rich deposits of tin, plus other variety of numerous mineral resources, was additional attractions, which enticements made people from different sections of the country to migrate, for a peaceful and spiritually fulfilling life. That was what gave birth to the popular National motto, “Unity in Diversity”, and the iconic slogan, “United We Stand!”

All the diverse communities, whether Muslims or Christian, were trained, mentored and conscripted, to conform and uphold, through the enforcements of moral virtues and the organic principles of collective humanity, as prescribed and promulgated in all our holy books, as enshrined ordinances to oblige and obey, the spirit of togetherness, under all prevailing circumstances at all times and instances, without discrepancies, or defaults.

There was massive trans-human migrations across Nigeria, as people moved freely and unhindered, from one part of the country to another.  In no time, this hitherto tiny village became famous and blossomed into a trading and business centre, with increased population and prosperity.

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The increased in population and cultural diversity was the product of the spiritual nourishments of an ideologically entrenched  values of humanitarian bonds, which were prescribed in all the 3 divinely and prophetically revealed and authenticated holy books.

The crux of the matter, is that, in virtually all parts of Northern Nigeria where I grew up and socialized, we were trained and groomed to be our brother’s keepers, irrespective of other artificial prejudices, differences and vested interests.

My small village became famous as a trading post and a small  hub, as well as a magnetic centre of congregations, where democratic liberal policies encouraged liberal political and freedom of choice, as a  community, where our elders ensured that, our diversities are safeguarded, through an effective traditional motto of being “our brothers’ keepers.

We were made to regard all and sundry, in the village, as unified human family, guided by common tenets, fortified by the love of mankind, as an unalterable conviction and spiritual relevance of our collective trust and profound faith and belief in the existence of one and indivisible God, that created all and sundry, in this universe, to worship him only and alone.

This communally unified Bohemian world views became an outdated social agenda, by the anomalous tendencies and contradictions of the PDP type mentality, with their negative values.  Now, many people may have already gotten impatient and worked up, possibly could have even agitating and secretly  questioning the rationale and relevance of my  pre-colonial  narratives, about rural Nigerian country side, and its pristine hospitality, which is conceived as a veritable counter points, to the current belligerent and blindly promoted hostile political absurdities in our political environment, occasioned by the orchestrated  absurdity in Saraki’s  face off , with President Muhammadu Buhari’s  positive crusade against pervasive corruption, that has virtually pitched itself, as Nigeria’s most notorious global identity.

It is obvious, by way of historical introspections, as well as psychological imperatives, to analyse and  contextualize all the issues to enable us establish the socio cultural tableaux that have factorized and  created  the moral debacles of greed and voluptuous disabilities which  have become  lethal weapons and atomic  time bombs, freely activated and frivolously manipulated by the political elites, with temporal powers, like  medieval emperors, whose  complex, is currently being replicated and put on display, by the PDP merchants of political  hubris and hedonistic celebration of power at  the National Assembly, under  Bukola Saraki,  who are  all out, on a vengeance mission, to sabotage and destabilize PMB’s positive agenda, which, in more ways than one and given the dimensional negativism and  undefined nature of Saraki’s motives and motivational praxis, looks  negatively sinister and satanic, in the mode of Boris Yeltsin’s anarchistic revolt and  agitations against the Russian  Constitution, and the yearnings and aspirations of the patriotic masses, whose rights and interests are being mortgaged, just like Bukola Sarki’s current attempt to impose his Boris Yeltsin’s “Russian Roulettes” against Nigeria, in favour of his sponsored looters.

Now that we have presented a background preamble on the dangerous inclinations  by the National Assembly, I want, at this juncture, to  refer my audience and interested Nigerians, to a newspaper article, with an apt and bold title; “Third Republic, Myself and Family” written by   a retired banker formerly with Allied Bank of Nigeria , Muhammad B. Al-ADAM,  published in the Sunday New Nigerian of  20th, September, 1997, which contents and thematic praxis ,seemed to have fully summarized and given adequate references, rich insights and  broad perspectives on democracy.

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The writer had exponentially and professionally processed and contextualized the fundamental issues that are organic templates about democracy and the  imperative requirements of  services expected from those political players who seek peoples mandate, for total and efficient quality service delivery, which is at variance with the deviant  and vanity driven preoccupations that the Bukola Sarki’s National Assembly is spearheading, as a subterfuge, to disrupt and sabotage President Buhari’s popular and people oriented and gloriously supported anti-corruption agenda, to fast tract the recovery of all stolen funds by the looters, back to the country.

There is no reason to deny the  obvious reasons behind  the  gang up against  the patriotic clamour by President Muhammadu Buhari, to liberate Nigeria and the Nigerian masses, from the gridlocks of PDP comprador capitalists, who have looted Nigerians and deprived Nigeria from attaining  the economic target of ascending to the highest level of classification as an industrialized, developing country, as a result of the monumental quantum of profligacy and obsessive corruption by the fifth columnists, who have forged a unified alliance, of retired military-civilian  coalition of venture capitalists,  as an intimidatingly and formidable  third force, to frustrate PMB’s positive aspirations for Nigeria and particularly  poor Nigerians.

My final advice and parting words of wisdom is to tell all patriotic Nigerians to remember, that, the same evil fifth columnists and combined retired military cum- civilian cliques caused the downfall and permanent meltdown of the buoyant Greek economy, which was once a powerful economic power house in both Europe and the Mediterranean economic zones. No country has ever survived the evil plots and economic destructions and PDP- type looters’ frenetic financial melt downs, in the world.

     If we can recall the immutable moral sound bites by the former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who in exasperation, qualified Nigeria, “as a fantastically corrupt country” and painfully concluded with a remorseful curse, that, “if ten percent of the money looted out of Nigeria by the PDP during Goodluck Jonathan’s economic banditry, was taken from the United Kingdom, the country would have sunk like the Titanic, and got buried under the River Thames.”

 Fellow patriotic Nigerians, shine your eyes. Now that you know the secrets behind Bukola Saraki’s PDP plots and sinister motives, how can the PDP looters shamelessly stand and daringly look at our faces, with our enduring patience and impudently insult us with a comeback demand, to seek our mandate, to canvass for our precious votes, to be further empowered to steal, after all these global legacies of infamy?

Before I conclude, may I  recommended a modified adaptation of  the title of Muhammad B. Al-Adam’s article, to read, both as a title and a curse on Bukola Saraki’s  National Assembly’s monumental  corruption.  Shame to the “8th National Assembly, on behalf of myself, my family and looted overpowered poor country, Nigeria by the accursed PDP.”

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